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We treat the light as an energy bonding us to our environment.

The Human body as it is designed, is conditioned by the natural light. This is a basic consideration that we explore continuouslyThe Sun light changes all along the day. It envelops us. The Sunlight bathes us and it impacts our body and our mood. Along the day and the seasons, light direction and aspects change, and thus provide us with time marks. Its tons and its intensity vary and drive our body to sleep and wake phases.

A sunny weather makes shadows and contrasts. Then sunny weather gives space and time marks. A cloudy weather makes surroundings uniform. Then cloudy weather does not give neither space marks, nor time marks. Our eyes and our body are adapted to the speed of sunset and sunrise. Moreover emissions in yellow and orange allow our body to relax and to release Melatonine 

Light connects people to their environment; this link is revealed through their needs and their activity requirements. Lighting a space is a sensitive approach and consequently necessitates pondering all its components. Considering the materials and the colours of a space allows to fully control the lighting effects, the colour harmonies, the contrasts and therefore to create the conditions for an optimal environment legibility.


This approach is optimized using today’s scientific knowledge. The aim is to bring a lighting corresponding to the people’s specificities, their tasks and activities realization conditions by taking into account

By highlighting a place, we also emphasize its role in our lives. With light, we express a viewpoint, we tell a story.

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