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The sensitive approach comes with the technical and scientifical knowledge to bring together an harmonious lighting as close as possible to the needs of the users.
Designing lighting effects requires trials, mock-ups and prototypes. They are the preferred tools because they allow to assess in the best way, the shape of the light and its impact in a given place.

A hub of light


T3K takes place in a kind of lights platform which a better name would be

« Hub ».

Thanks to this special positioning, we invite our clients to experience the light through experimentations with the aim to inspire them and to lead them to the best light solution!

T3K Lighting Design work is eased by the facilities like the Hugo Neumann showroom, the black room, specific lighting tools, available spaces for trials at any scale indoor and outdoor, office facilities, administrative and technical frame.

Meeting, listening and exchanging with the actors of the project are required to meet the success of it.




It is preferrable to integrate all the phases of a project - from diagnostic to delivery, to ensure the efficiency of a lighting approach:

- diagnostic: analyse of the existing context,

- sketch: general intention and vision through design principles,
- preliminary design: technical approach based on the principles developped in the sketch phase,

- project: layout and lighting specifications,
- fine tuning: fine light orientation, ajustments and programming. 

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